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We invite you to experience modern Mediterranean cuisine at its finest here at Beluga Restaurant & Bar where you will be served healthy, yet tasty, wholesome fresh food locally and nationally sourced. All of our food is made with 100% Extra Virgin olive and vegetable oils. No preservatives or additives are ever used. We use the leanest cuts of Farm select meats and the freshest vegetables.

Here at Beluga Restaurant & Bar, we not only offer the traditional Persian, Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisine but have also added a few items of our own creations.

Beluga Restaurant & Bar is a unique dining experience, combining a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting, reminiscent of a Mediterranean setting. At Beluga Restaurant & Bar, our passion is to provide guests with quality ingredients and outstanding service in an unforgettable atmosphere. Our guests come to Beluga Restaurant & Bar expecting the best Mediterranean food in town. We’ve been able to hold up our great reputation by striving to make every guest leave feeling like they got what they came in for.

We want to extend an open invitation to you to dine at our restaurants. Whether you’re looking to impress a date with an intimate wine tasting, reconnecting with family over a Tasty Flaming Kebab, or planning the perfect party for your closest friends, we are here for you.



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